Special Needs Dentisty in Fairfield, CT

What Is Special Needs Dentistry?

Special needs dentistry is the practice of treating children who have mental, physical, or developmental disabilities. Special needs dentists often see adult patients who have special needs, too. 

With the help of a special needs dentist like Dr. Lee, you can make sure your child gets the care they need for a healthy mouth, without the discomfort, fear, and anxiety that are often associated with dental visits. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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Did you know…

Special needs children and adults have higher risks of oral health problems like gum disease and cavities, so it’s important to make sure they visit the dentist regularly for proper care.

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What To Expect: The Special Needs Dentistry Process

Initial consultation

Dr. Lee will meet with you and your child before their first appointment at Smile Ark Pediatric Dentistry. Together, you will discuss their health history, the special challenges they face, the medications they're taking, and other important information that will help her deliver expert care for your little one.

Teeth cleaning and oral exam

After your initial consultation, the first treatment step is always a teeth cleaning and oral exam, usually with x-rays. This allows Dr. Lee and our team to recognize any current or potential issues with your child’s oral health.

Dental sedation

We can offer dental sedation as part of any appointment, including teeth cleanings and oral exams. Sedation helps special needs patients rest, relax, and even sleep through their entire appointment.

Treatment plan and next steps

After your child’s first appointment, we’ll discuss our findings. Dr. Lee will give you tips on how to care for their teeth. She will also come up with a comprehensive treatment plan, and help plan any follow-ups that may be necessary to treat your child’s dental issues or keep their mouth healthy.

Follow Up Appointment

Our team can help you schedule your child’s next cleaning and exam, and also any appointments for additional treatment. It’s important that your child gets the care they need from a dental team they know and trust, so stay on top of their appointments and help us keep their smile strong and healthy.

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The Benefits Of Seeing A Special Needs Dentist

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Advanced Technology

At our office, we use advanced technology like digital x-rays, as well as laser dentistry. Dental lasers are more precise, cause less discomfort, and do not make scary noises or uncomfortable vibrations while in use. Dr. Lee’s investments in dental technology make it easier for dental patients with special needs in Fairfield, CT to get the care they need.

Sedation Options Available

We offer a variety of sedation options for special needs children. This includes laughing gas sedation to help keep kids comfortable and reduce anxiety, as well as IV sedation to help them sleep through and forget their appointment.

Dr. Lee also has hospital privileges at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital and Bridgeport Hospital, and can provide general anesthesia for your child. General anesthesia will make them completely unconscious. It’s a good option for some complex procedures, or for patients whose special needs mean that other methods of sedation are not an option.

Personalized Care For Every Child

Laser therapy or laser dentistry involves special lasers that can be used to remove soft tissue, such as gum tissue, After your child’s first visit, we can develop care strategies that help them feel more comfortable at our office. For example, we can dim the lights if your little one is sensitive to light, or let them listen to music or soothing sounds if they have auditory sensitivities. No matter what the situation may be, Dr. Lee will work closely with you to provide the care your child needs in a comfortable, safe, and judgment-free environment.as well as hard tissue like tooth enamel. We use SOLEA - all tissue CO2 laser to provide anesthesia free restorative treatments and also frenectomies to release tethered oral tissues (TOT). They’re very comfortable for the patient, reduce bleeding, and allow your child’s mouth to heal more quickly, making these tools ideal for pediatric dentistry.