Finding the right pediatric dentist

<h2-blog>The search for specialized care<h2-blog>

Searching for the right healthcare providers for your children can be overwhelming. Finding someone who is in an accessible location, who accepts your insurance, and ultimately, someone who will care for your child with patience and compassion can feel like a tall order. When it comes to finding the right dentist, Dr. Lee’s extensive training makes her the ideal fit to provide specialized care from infancy through adolescence. Dr. Lee and her team are here to build lasting relationships and prioritize the patient experience to ensure your child creates a positive association with going to the dentist.

<h2-blog>Board-certified care that creates lasting smiles<h2-blog>

Choosing a board-certified pediatric dentist ensures you select a dentist for your child with the highest amount of training possible. Not only do these types of dentists complete a graduate program in pediatric dentistry, but also a written and oral exam for the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. They have to repeat this exam every year to maintain their status, ensuring that these dentists are always the most highly trained professionals and are the most up to date on the latest procedures and medical advancements.

<h2-blog>From routine cleanings to laser technology procedures<h2-blog>

Dr. Lee is highly trained in specialized treatments such as frenectomies—procedures which utilize advanced laser technology. This technology allows Dr. Lee to perform the treatment without requiring pain or anesthesia for the patient. Keeping your child comfortable during their appointment is always our number one priority—and thanks to Dr. Lee’s laser certification, she’s able to do that even for more complex treatments.

<h2-blog>Find your child’s dental home today<h2-blog>

Establishing a “dental home” for your child helps them develop lifelong dental habits and prevents dental anxiety. Selecting a board certified pediatric dentist ensures the professional you’re choosing has the highest level of training—and the specialized care—that children need.

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